Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edward Cullen on Cape Cod?

Thought this was kind of funny.

The top two stories on right now:

And the first thought that comes to my mind?

It's a bit of a stretch, but Edward Cullen from "Twilight" and his piano skills. Is Edward composing another lullaby for Bella on Cape Cod? Or is he too busy celebrating the fact the movie based on his life far exceeded expectations and just made $70 million its first weekend?

WTG Catherine Hardwicke!

Whatever the reason, a random piano just showing up in the middle of the woods as well as the random pieces of meat that keep showing up in Framingham is pretty... random.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stuck on the C line...

Ah. Light.

One of my favorite parts of an otherwise drab day is leaving the C line tunnel from Kenmore and pulling up to St. Mary’s Street. I don’t know why the feeling of leaving an underground tunnel and seeing the light makes me happy, especially since I don’t have claustrophobia or anything. But today it just felt awesome.

Probably because it was the exact opposite of what happened this morning on the rush hour commute. Everyone who was on a Green line outbound trains knows what I’m talking about – the collision at Boylston, how the MBTA didn’t tell anyone what was going on, the massive delays. I got on the T as usual in Brookline and the ride was going fine until we hit Kenmore. There were tons of people waiting on the platform, and they all smashed in. It was one of those you-can-barely-move-to-hold-onto-the-bar commutes. At least this time I didn’t have a person much, much shorter than me crushing my hip and making me bend sideways so I can hold onto the bar.

We moved a little bit slow and got to Hynes. Between Hynes and Copley however, the train came to a complete standstill. The guy sitting in front of me had a watch on and I saw the minutes tick by. After 10 minutes, the guy standing beside me started to get restless…kept muttering “fuck” under his breath. After 15 minutes, he was full out whining to himself. The T drivers announced once every couple minutes that there was a “situation at Boylston Street.” Finally after 20 minutes, we moved about 30 feet and pulled into the Copley station. I ran off the train, along with half the riders, just so I could move and breathe again. It was a mass exodus as we all walked down Boylston Street in a foggy drizzle and I came upon fire trucks, ambulances, and various other strobe-lighted vehicles outside the Boylston stop. I asked one of the surly campus cops outside Emerson College what happened, and finally I found out when he said two trains collided. I hope everyone's okay -- I saw a couple articles (and comments on articles) saying quite a few people were thrown to the floor of the train. I got to work (which is right by the Boylston stop) 45 minutes late.

The MBTA makes me pine for the quiet, clean, and never late trains in Japan.