Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful day

Today, the warm, spring-like weather definitely had an effect on the population of Boston in general.

The birds were singing.
Leftover snowbanks were finally melting.
And people were...nicer.

Strangers were making chitchat on the T this afternoon, without it being creepy or weird (is that something that happens only in the Northeast? People thinking it's weird when a stranger says "hello" to you? My friend moved to the South for school, and she needed an adjustment period. She wasn't used to people stopping her on the street to say "howdy.")

Too bad it's back to sleeting and snowing this weekend.

This is going to sound a little nerdy, but I'm always fascinated by the "wind tunnel" effect on the Red Line. When I was going down the T stop stairs in Cambridge this afternoon, I was met with so much resistance by the wind blowing up from the tunnel, and down from the weather, that I would have blown away if I had a parachute attached to my backpack.

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