Saturday, February 7, 2009


This morning was just another sardine-packed C-line train into Boston, as it always is during rush hour. I'm seriously considering asking my internship if I can come in at 10 instead of 9. Getting on the first C-line train after 9 is like a little slice of heaven. A seat waiting for you right next to the door. Light coming in through the windows. Space to breathe.

After the usual stop and go above-ground, the train headed into the tunnel and stopped at Kenmore. 10 seconds pass. Doors don't open. A business-suit guy next to me yells to the driver, "BACK DOORS!" 20 seconds pass. The train moves about 10 feet farther up the track, and then stops again. I look to the front of the train and see the doors up there aren't opening either. 30 seconds. More people start screaming "DOORS!" The train then starts up again and moves onto Hynes. Lots of grumbling and "Wait, seriously? Did the train just SKIP Kenmore?" ensue. There was no announcement made saying the left doors weren't working. I'm wondering if the T driver even noticed.

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Offy said...

A similar thing happened to me recently on the Red Line. As I was getting my things together at North Quincy to get off at the next stop, I thought the train had continued on without opening the doors for the car that I was in, but since I was preoccupied I thought that maybe I just missed it.

When the train got to Wollaston, the doors opened for every other car except mine. Luckily, I was right near the emergency call box and got a hold of one of the drivers. After about a 5 minutes wait, they ended up opening the doors between cars and letting us out through the other car.